OCTOBER 26 & 27
Halloween FAC Style
Fire is red. Summer’s dead, yet shall we return. Clear and Bright on Friday night,
burn fire burn, until we venture to the forest, darkness there and possibly more.
A scary Saturday awaits. We will gather together to fend off the evil that looms.
Decorate what you may, frolic through the day, prepare a cauldron of chili, dress to
impress and dance the night away.

Friday Night
6:00 Fire Pit Social
8:00 Haunted Mud Pit
10:00 – 3:00
Halloween Games:
Pumpkin Chucking
Ax Throwing
Psychic Readings
Pumpkin Carving
…and more

Saturday Evening

5:00 Chili Cook-off
5:30 Pot Luck Dinner
6:30 Lot Decoration
7:00 Indoor Games
8:00 Costume Contest &
Jack-o-lantern Judging
Dance to Follow