Friends of Forty Acres

Friends of Forty Acres

The social family of nudists/naturists is a unique community. There are many established resorts, clubs and beaches for the enjoyment of those seeking this natural lifestyle.

The following are some sites to explore for additional information about nude recreation.

AANR – American Association for Nude Recreation
Represents 50,000 members and over 250 privately owned nudist resorts, campgrounds and clubs throughout the United States and Canada.
AANR-Florida – American Association for Nude Recreation – Florida 
The Florida regional division of the AANR
TNS – The Naturist Society
Educating in body acceptance, and promoting clothing-optional lifestyles and recreational sites.
TANR – Trade Association for Nude Recreation
TANR International is a unique network of clubs, spas, campgrounds, parks, resorts and affiliated enterprises.
FCN – Federation of Canadian Naturists
FCN promotes naturism/nudism to Canadians while representing the interests of Canadian naturist/nudist individuals, families, clubs, resorts and organizations.
ANRL – American Nudist Research Library 
The Library was established in 1979 to preserve the history of the social nudist movement in North America and throughout the world.
AANR Education Foundation
The AANR EF will seek partnerships with individuals, groups and organizations in support of the creation of art, literature, and scholarship, relating to the nudist world, its practices, and the wholesome nature of the human body.
INF – International Naturist Federation
An international federation of national nudist associations worldwide, the INF has offices in Antwerp, Belgium. Over thirty member federations on six continents represent hundreds of thousands of nudists around the globe.
Vita Nuda
Vita Nuda is a growing group of young adult nudists! We share the common goal of sharing what we love about nudism with all who are interested.
Nudist Clubhouse is a social networking site for nudists.  The site is chartered by AANR as a travel club.  It’s like Facebook for nudists!
Single Nudist
If you are single, and enjoy the stress free lifestyle of wholesome family nude recreation, is the best place to find your special someone!
Bare Necessities Tour & Travel
With charters on cruise ships both big and small and special rates for select resorts in the Caribbean, BNTT specializes in making your dream vacation a reality…naturally.
Forty Acre Club
Telephone: (636) 629-0050
104 Ridge Acres Loop Rd.
Lonedell, Missouri 63060United States

Feel The Freedom of American Nudism


The Forty Acre Club, nicknamed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club” for its proximity to the famous Gateway Arch, is a friendly club for couples and families located on 80 acres of Missouri woodlands approximately 45 miles southwest of St. Louis