Family Facilities

Family Facilities

Our family facilities include a big playground, Mini Putt Putt Golf Course, WII Game set,  television, videos and more. We have children’s events throughout the year, in particular during Halloween weekend.  Forty Acre Club for an affordable vacation getaway for families. But any time is a perfect time for families to enjoy Forty Acre Club!

Nudist Family Values and Tips on Social Family Nude Recreation

The American Association for Nude Recreation has promoted nudist family values at its nudist resorts and clubs since 1931. Whatever the level of amenities offered, all clubs are expected to adhere to AANR’s principles and standards, honed from 79 years of experience. Our clubs foster a wholesome, nurturing environment for members and their families. With limited exceptions, parents are welcome to bring their children to AANR clubs. You can expect personnel who will provide competent answers to your questions and assist you with making the most of your family visit.

AANR clubs provide great benefits to families – It’s true that you won’t know whether nude recreation is right for your family until you make that first trip. However, based on the experiences of many members over many years, we can tell you that participating in AANR clubs and activities is likely to draw your family closer together. The prime reason is that in taking visits together, you’re making a point to spend time together. Many club activities–from swimming to building sand castles to pitching horseshoes or enjoying an old-fashioned picnic–tend to be things you can do as a family.

Natural nudists – There’s probably no better recommendation for nude recreation than the high spirits of children and families at AANR clubs. Even non-nudist parents know how difficult it can be to keep youngsters from running around the house naked. Kids usually take to our clubs like ducks to water, joyfully running, playing, and splashing without a stitch on. No sandy swimsuits to bog them down. Best of all, when it’s time to clean up, a bath is just a hop, skip, and a jump in the nearest lake or shower.

Some recommendations when visiting with your family:  

  • Please plan to provide constant supervision for your children – Nudist resorts are family-friendly, but they are not daycare centers. Parents are responsible for their children’s whereabouts and behavior at all times. There is simply no substitute for constant adult supervision to ensure safety in the water and security. We encourage you to enjoy this quality family time together.
  • Please practice responsible sun safety – As folks who enjoy the outdoors clothes free, we’re very mindful of the importance of avoiding sun damage. When you’re ready for a trip to your favorite club, pack the sunscreen right with the towels. Make regular sunblock applications a ritual. Sunblock notwithstanding, know when it’s time to get little ones out of the sun. You’ll find plenty of shady spots, from covered decks to natural tree canopies, to seek refuge from the rays. 

The Forty Acre Club Family Policies and age limits for activities:  

  • Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the pool area or the clubhouse without adult supervision.
  • Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when playing at the playground.
  • Children aged 17 years and under are welcome at club sponsored dances until 9 PM. 
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the hot tub. 
  • Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while operating a golf cart on club grounds. 
Forty Acre Club
Telephone: (636) 629-0050
104 Ridge Acres Loop Rd.
Lonedell, Missouri 63060United States

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The Forty Acre Club, nicknamed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club” for its proximity to the famous Gateway Arch, is a friendly club for couples and families located on 80 acres of Missouri woodlands approximately 45 miles southwest of St. Louis