VII. Audit Issues

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Audit Issues (revised by BOD March 17,2013)

  1. Condition of FAC Financial Records – The Audit Committee may request to review the financial records of the FAC at any time during the Fiscal Year. The Audit Committee will utilize the previously BOD approved Audit Program for their audit.  A report of their findings will be submitted to the BOD within 30 days of the review.  In the event fraud is detected it will be brought to the attention of the Members within 30 days of discovery and the matter may be turned over to the proper law enforcement authorities for handling.
  1. The financial books are to be closed, the bank statements reconciled and a financial report prepared by the Treasurer each month within 21 days of month end. The financial report is to be published by the Treasurer via electronic notification and posted in the club house.
  1. Cash shortages greater than $5 and un-authorized withdrawals from cash receipts are prohibited and will be reported to the BOD. The BOD member responsible for the shortage or un-authorized withdrawal may be held personally liable for the amount depending on the circumstances.
  1. All requests by Members to stay monies (i.e. dues, Leased RV Site payments, fines, etc…) must be made in writing and addressed to the Treasurer with a CC to the BOD. The BOD will make every effort to accommodate the unique financial challenges our members may face.  Repeated requests to stay monies by members who do not present documentation to support a unique challenge will not be granted.
  1. Written requests from any member for information or clarification relating to the financial records of the club will be responded to within 30 days.
  1. The Treasurer will submit the list of members billed for annual membership dues in January to the Membership Director. The Membership Director will review the list for accuracy.
  1. The Treasurer will submit the list of members billed for Leased RV Site payments to the Co-Grounds Director. The Co-Grounds Director will review the list for accuracy.
  1. All advances of money are to be limited by the amount set in the Bylaws. Advances to BOD members made during the year must be turned into the Treasurer 30 days prior to Fall Semi-Annual meeting.
  1. All mail for the Treasurer (member payments, supplier invoices etc…) taken from the post office box will be taken directly to the FAC office and immediately placed in the Treasurer’s bin.
  1. Supplier accounts for the club may not be taken out in a member’s name and all club mail shall be directed to the club’s address.
  2. Club improvements involving expenditures greater than $1,000 with other restrictions such as time constraints or limitations shall be treated as a project. The project leader/manager or BOD is to provide approval requests and updates to membership per Bylaws sections 28.2 and 28.4. 4-15-2018 BOD
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