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Camera Policy

  1. The BOD will appoint a club photographer and alternate in his or her absence to officially record events and history of the club. All other photography is covered by current policies and procedures.  This rule applies to the clubhouse and central area only.  4-27-2003 BOD
  2. Only the official club photographer or back-up may possess a camera outside of its storage container in public areas. The camera policy will be enforced by the following:
    • 1st offense – $100.00 fine,
    • 2nd offense – 59day suspension,
    • 3rd offense – termination per By-Law procedures.
    • If the fine is not paid within 30 days, it will automatically go to the 2nd 4-20-08 Semi-Annual
  3. Non-members and Guests are permitted to have cameras, including devices such as cell phones, PDA’s, tablets etc. on club grounds. However, the cameras are to be covered by a sticker provided by Membership. Members (including Life, Annual, Fellowship, and Probationary) MAY have cell phones, I-pads, etc. with cameras but may NOT use the camera. April 2017 BOD
  4. If a non-member or guest is found to be using a camera, they will be subject to removal from the grounds immediately. 9-16-2007
  5. Photographs in the common areas will only be taken by the club photographer or alternate who will maintain records of written consent of members.
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