Policies and Procedures

XII Miscellaneous Policies

Members eligible to vote. By-Law #51.2 Life members in good standing.  Members or members having been voted into life membership after the mailing of ballots and before counting of same shall be allowed to vote in election.  July 1995 BOD A processing fee will be added to credit card or debit card payments made for all fees paid to the club. The amount of the processing fee to be based on the current fees that are charged to the club…

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XI Primary Residency

Establishment of primary residency on the grounds of the Forty Acre Club shall be made by application of an existing life member in good standing over the age of 18 holding a permanent lot to the BOD with the approval of a minimum of (5) BOD members.  Sept 2004 Any additional members/persons residing in established household/residency full time must be members of FAC in good standing and over the age of 18.Motion Approved 6-19-2011 In order for a member to…

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X Probationary Policies

A Probationary Member must visit six (6) times during his probationary period. At least four (4) of the visits must be between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The other two visits may be made any time during the probationary period. By Law 5.5 interpretation 3-21-10 BOD An applicant for probationary membership, whose confirmation date by the BOD occurs in the months of October through February, will be on the ballot the following October. Not sooner than 8 months into the…

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IX Transfer of Property

Transfer of Property March 1996 BOD All bids submitted for the purchase of property must be submitted as a sealed bid. All bids must be submitted to the Co-Grounds Chairman, unless Co-Grounds is a bidder; bids will then be submitted to the Grounds Chairman. After the usual 15 day waiting period of advertising, the seller will advise Co-Grounds Chairman as to what future date the seller wants the sealed bids to be opened. Co-Grounds Chairman will notify all bidders of…

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I. 27 Pets

Pets Pets must be kept in your area or held on a leash at all times. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet. No pets are allowed in the cabins with the exception of:One cabin which is designated as pet friendly. The pet must be kept in a crate while alone in the room. Any damages occurred are to be charged to the renter. (Motion passed 9/18/2011 semi-annual)  No pets are allowed in the pool…

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VIII Motions and Reports

Motions and Reports By-Law # 29.3 and in accordance with Roberts Rule of Order “The chair may decline to state the question on any main motion, amendment, or motion in committee, if it is not in writing.” 10-26-03 BOD All motions presented to the BOD or general membership must be submitted in writing, signed at the bottom by the presenter(s) along with a seconding signature and given to the Secretary prior to the meeting or prior to the parties’ consideration…

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VII. Audit Issues

Audit Issues (revised by BOD March 17,2013) Condition of FAC Financial Records – The Audit Committee may request to review the financial records of the FAC at any time during the Fiscal Year. The Audit Committee will utilize the previously BOD approved Audit Program for their audit.  A report of their findings will be submitted to the BOD within 30 days of the review.  In the event fraud is detected it will be brought to the attention of the Members…

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VI. Collection and Disbursement of Monies

Collection of Monies revised 17, 2013 BOD Cash Receipts Grounds fees (i.e. grounds fee, cabin, rv, tent, and miscellaneous items including gate remotes or merchandise,) probationary dues, life initiation fees, some membership dues will be collected by Membership Chairman and one member. Invoiced member payments mailed to FAC will be collected by the Treasurer and one member. A copy of the check issued by the member for invoiced amount will be made and attached to the deposit slip. Non-grounds fees…

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V. Fines

$100.00 fine per membership for each workday missed (Spring and Fall). Workdays can be completed up to 30 days prior or 30 days after the scheduled workday.  Sept 1995 Semi Annual, revised 4-2014 semi-annul, revised 9-2015 semi-annual) $25.00 per week fine when lot has not been cleaned up of leaves after 2nd notice printed in monthly minutes. Sept 1994 Semi-Annual (Revised March 2013 BOD) When a lot has not been cleaned of leaves, debris or if grass needs mowing, a…

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IV. Club Tractor Use & Safety Rules

Club Tractor Use & Safety Rules     Our diesel tractor is a powerful and dangerous piece of equipment.  It is available for use by members with the following restrictions: Members must be approved by the BOD Grounds Chairman to operate the tractor. Once approved they may use the tractor only on club grounds.  The approval process includes a review of the safety and operating manual along with a test drive.  Note:  There are members with tractor skills that are available to…

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The Forty Acre Club, nicknamed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club” for its proximity to the famous Gateway Arch, is a friendly club for couples and families located on 80 acres of Missouri woodlands approximately 45 miles southwest of St. Louis