III. Club Grounds Policies

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  1. Every Life, Annual, and Probationary member will each perform four hours of work on the club grounds twice a year, on the designated workdays or 30 days before or after. Written request for exemption because of age or infirmity must be submitted to the Grounds Director.  Fellowship members are not required to participate in workday.

Revised Apr.2014 semi-annual (see Fines V.1 page 9) Revised 9/20/2015 Semi-Annual

  1. Any articles of value that the club has to be disposed of should go to the highest bidder. These articles will be posted in the pavilion.  9-18-94
  1. All Lots (Permanent and RV) are to be maintained in a clean orderly fashion whereas to enhance the appearance of the entire Forty Acre Club property.

a). Only FAC club members are allowed to store personal property on the premises.

b). Only operable, legally licensed and/or registered vehicles, campers, and trailers are allowed.

c). ATVs, Golf Carts, Lawn care equipment, etc. must be in operable condition.   ATVs/4wheelers MAY be kept on leased lots when lessee is off premises.  (amended BOD 6/16)

b). Personal property items must be stored inside/out of site whenever possible. Items stored outside must be in an orderly fashion. (not cluttered or in piles)

f). Lots to be kept clean of debris, excessive grass and weed growth, and leaves.

e). Leaves must be cleared for the final time between the 3rd week of Nov and the 2nd week of Dec.  3-18-2006 BOD (see Fines V.2-V.3 page 9) (June2014BOD)

  1. Groundskeepers will be paid $900.00/month during the period of May 1st – October 31st and $500.00/month for Nov 1st – April 30th for maintenance of the clubhouse, Taj Mahal, one upper bathroom with heat, cabins and other chores listed in the grounds keeper’s contract.  Sept 2004 Motions Passed Sept 2010 and April 2011, revised BOD April 2018
  2. Thermostats in the clubhouse are enclosed in locked boxes. The only access is to be grounds and/or their designee. (Apr. 2014 semi-annual)
  1. The following three gate codes are to be implemented by the club.

a). Vendor Code: (including EMS) this code will be given to vendors and others that do business with FAC such as, Republic Services, Reel Ice Co, UPS, FedEx, etc.  This code will most likely not change because it will only be given to these types of vendors.  Members, members’ service suppliers and non-members should not be given this code.

b). Member Code: A new code will be effective September 2014.  Members should not give this code to anyone else, including service suppliers, non-members or family members.  This code will be changed annually to account for terminated and/or resigned members.

c). Non-Member Code: This code will be given to overnight non-members who may want to leave the grounds for say, dinner or supplies, and return.  This code may be given to a member’s service supplier or family member.  This code will be changed at least monthly and will be posted in the office.  Aug 2014 BOD

  1. On an ongoing basis Pelton Plumbing Co. will be contracted to Winterize the entirety of the Upper Johns during Fall work weekend and De-winterize during the Spring work weekend. 3-17-2019 BOD
  1. The grounds chair is authorized to negotiate HVAC maintenance agreements with local HVAC contractors to avoid failures of the heating and air conditioning systems as needed. 8-18-2019 BOD
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