VI. Collection and Disbursement of Monies

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Collection of Monies revised 17, 2013 BOD

Cash Receipts

  1. Grounds fees (i.e. grounds fee, cabin, rv, tent, and miscellaneous items including gate remotes or merchandise,) probationary dues, life initiation fees, some membership dues will be collected by Membership Chairman and one member.
  2. Invoiced member payments mailed to FAC will be collected by the Treasurer and one member. A copy of the check issued by the member for invoiced amount will be made and attached to the deposit slip.
  3. Non-grounds fees (i.e. Concession including soda, ice, washer & dryer, ice cream,) dinner ticket and raffles will be collected by the Entertainment Chairman and one other member.
  4. All receipts regardless of source shall be recorded using the three-part Cash Receipt Form in sequential numeric order and be turned into the Membership Director for inclusion on the Weekly FAC Cash Receipt Journal. Two signatures are required.
  5. The receipts are then submitted to the Treasurer who will count the money and prepare a deposit slip to match the amount recorded on the Weekly FAC Cash Receipt Journal. There should be one bank deposit slip for each Weekly FAC Cash Receipt Journal.
  6. Cash receipts should be turned in and deposited in the month received.
  7. The Treasurer may delegate the physical deposit of the cash receipts to another BOD or Life Member in the event the deposit includes coin which cannot be put into the Bank deposit box. In the event the Treasurer delegates this responsibility, he/she is still personally responsible for the cash received.
  8. Cash shortages greater than $5 will be reported to the BOD for action.
  9. Revenue from the snack bar is to be shown as a separate line item under entertainment for accounting purposes. All monies collected are to be credited to the entertainment budget. Any profit is to be used to purchase needed items for the club as seen fit by the entertainment director. (est. April 2017 semi-annual)

Cash Disbursements (A-E approved by BOD March 17, 2013.)

  1. All expenditures are made are at the direction of a Board of Director. Members who require reimbursement for club expenditure will go through a Board member.  Only Board members may submit request for payments to the Treasurer. BOD Mar 2013
  2. The BOD member whose budget is to be charged for the expense must approve the expense. (i.e. The Treasurer may not make a request for “rock’.) BOD Mar 2013
  3. Requests for member reimbursement or payment for Supplier services must be made using the two-part Check Request Form and must be signed by the BOD member making the request. Receipts totaling the amount of the request must be submitted with the request.  Payment will be withheld for any check request without the proper supporting detail. BOD Mar 2013
  4. Requests for payment for Supplier services in an amount greater than $600 may require the Supplier to provide a completed and signed IRS It is the policy of the FAC to file a 1099 form for all non-corporate suppliers paid more than $600 in a calendar year. BOD Mar 2013
  5. No cash is to be disbursed in any other manner. BOD members ARE NOT authorized to borrow from “receipts” to reimburse any member, non-member or guest.  Instances of borrowing will be brought to the attention of the BOD and the member responsible for the action may be held personally liable for the amount. BOD Mar 2013
  6. Check requests forms for more than $1,000 require two signatures. (4-19-2015 BOD


Anti-Nepotism policyNo Board Member shall accept a bid from himself/herself or a relative or from a person with whom that board member shares a membership or their relatives. Nor shall the board member authorize payment to himself/herself or a relative or a person with whom that board member shares a membership or their relative. If the grounds director or any relative to the grounds director wishes to bid on a project, the co-grounds chair shall accept all bids for that project and authorize payment.  If another Board Member or any relative to that board member wishes to bid on a project, then the Vice president shall accept all bids for that project and authorize payment. Relatives include any person who is descended from at least one of the person’s great-grand parents or was adopted by a descended of a great-grandparent, or was at any time or is still is married to a descendant of at least one of the person’s great-grandparents. (Est April 2017 semi-annual)

3. Pool Fund: The club shall set aside $10,000 from the General Fund for a Pool Fund by March 31, 1995 and to contribute additional money to the Pool Fund monthly equal to 10% of the net income for the month. The fund total not to exceed $50,000. (Ratified by the Membership at the 1994 September semi) Revised Semi Annual 4-15-18

4. Water Fund: The club shall set aside 10% of the Net Income of the club to a Water System Reserve Fund with a maximum amount of $75,000 (updated May BOD 2014) updated Semi Annual 4-15-2018

5. Two signatures are required to cash the CDs in the safe deposit box.  BOD Nov2016

6. The club accountant will pay our taxes electronically.  BOD Nov 2016

7. Pass through income, (i.e. Revenue and Expenses for AANR dues, Sales tax, expenses for Entertainment and Merchandise sales) shall be excluded in the calculation of Net Income. 4-15-2018 BOD

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