V. Fines

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  1. $100.00 fine per membership for each workday missed (Spring and Fall). Workdays can be completed up to 30 days prior or 30 days after the scheduled workday.  Sept 1995 Semi Annual, revised 4-2014 semi-annul, revised 9-2015 semi-annual)
  1. $25.00 per week fine when lot has not been cleaned up of leaves after 2nd notice printed in monthly minutes. Sept 1994 Semi-Annual (Revised March 2013 BOD)
  1. When a lot has not been cleaned of leaves, debris or if grass needs mowing, a notice will be printed in the monthly minutes. After second notice printed in monthly minutes, lot will be cleaned and billed to the member.  (In accordance with By-Law 21.1) Modified 3-16-2008 BOD (Revised March 2013 BOD)
  1. “The BOD by no less than (5) affirmative votes has the authority to impose fines to person(s) only to the extent of reimbursing the Club for destruction or abuse of Club property or facilities including unauthorized tampering or informed neglect of Club property which causes the destruction or abuse of Club property or facilities by an individual or membership or group of such.” Club By-Law #21.1
  1. Persons caught smoking in the clubhouse or on the clubhouse front porch will be assessed a fine by the BOD/Membership. (The amount of the fine to be assessed = $100.00)   April-2014 semi-annual Sept 2016 Semi
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The Forty Acre Club, nicknamed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club” for its proximity to the famous Gateway Arch, is a friendly club for couples and families located on 80 acres of Missouri woodlands approximately 45 miles southwest of St. Louis