I. 24 Hot Tub Rules

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Hot Tub Rules

  1. Please shower before entering the hot tub. This will reduce the likelihood of contaminating the hot tub water and minimize health risks.
  2. We strongly suggest never drinking alcoholic beverages before or during hot tub use. Alcohol can make you drowsy and lead to drowning.  Anyone taking medication should consult their physician before using a hot tub.
  3. Keep the hot tub temperature 104 degrees or less. Higher temperatures can place undue strain on the cardiovascular system.  Be sure to accurately monitor the temperature.
  4. Please do not use the hot tub by yourself. You should always have someone with you when using the hot tub.
  5. Limit your soak time to no more than 15 or 20 minutes. Cool off then re-enter if you like.
  6. Persons with open sores or infections should not use the hot tub. The hot water is an ideal environment for spreading infection, especially if sanitizer levels are not properly maintained.
  7. Pregnant women should consult their physician before using the hot tub.
  8. No children under the age of 18 are allowed in the hot tub.
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