IX Transfer of Property

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Transfer of Property March 1996 BOD

  1. All bids submitted for the purchase of property must be submitted as a sealed bid.
  1. All bids must be submitted to the Co-Grounds Chairman, unless Co-Grounds is a bidder; bids will then be submitted to the Grounds Chairman.
  1. After the usual 15 day waiting period of advertising, the seller will advise Co-Grounds Chairman as to what future date the seller wants the sealed bids to be opened.
  1. Co-Grounds Chairman will notify all bidders of this date and they should be present if possible.
  1. The Co-Grounds Chairman will hold the sealed bids unopened until the opening dates specified by the seller.
  1. Any time prior to the opening of the sealed bids, members may request the return of their sealed bid. These members may change their bid and resubmit a new bid any time prior to the date designated for the bids to be opened.
  1. Other than for the purpose of changing their bid, members may only submit one bid per sale.
  1. Upon the opening of the sealed bids by the Co-Grounds Chairman in the presence of the seller and any bidders who may be present, the seller has the option to do the following:
  1. To reject all bids at his sole discretion, or
  1. Accept the highest bid and work out the property transfer with the highest bidder and Co-Grounds Chairman.
  1. In the event the highest bids tie for the same amount, the member with Club membership seniority will take the property.
  1. If the seller rejects all bids at the time of opening, but still wants to sell his/her property, it will be the seller’s responsibility to advise Co-Grounds Chairman of the future date for second bid opening.


  1. Leased RV Site Policy 

a). To rent a Leased RV Site a member or probationary member must sign a contract and submit it along with one year’s payment by October 1st each year. Once a contract is signed the member is responsible for that lot until September 30 of the next year.

b). If a member or probationary member wants a campsite lot or wants to switch a lot AFTER October 1st, they need to let the current co-grounds director know so that they can be put on a 1st come, 1st served according to seniority, waiting list. They would then be notified by co-grounds of the next open lot.

c). If a member or probationary member moves off of their rental lot BEFORE September 30 they would only receive a PRORATED REFUND if and when the lot is re-rented. If they move off AFTER the 1st of the month, the prorate would start the 1st of the following month. (Members terminated for any reason will not receive any refunds). (May 2014BOD)

d). Members or probationary members that want to switch a Leased RV Site AFTER October 1st will be expected to pay the prorated amount for the new lot. They will only receive a prorated refund for their original contract if and when another member or probationary member rents it. Otherwise, they are responsible for the upkeep of their original lot as well as their new lot until September 30th.  Amended BOD June 2016

e). Leased RV Site Rental rates are to be reviewed by the BOD on an annual basis and report any adjustments at the July BOD meeting.  (May 2013 BOD) 

  1. 4. Property improvements for sale policy:  For Sale signs for property improvements are not allowed. Permanent Lot improvements may only be sold to Life Members Improvement/property for sale notices shall be published in the monthly minutes. (May 2015 BOD amended Nov 2016 BOD
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