II. Non-Members and Guests

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  1. There is a limit of 3 visits per calendar year for a non-members or guest unless the guest is a family member. The office must be notified in advance when your guest will arrive and the member will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.  Fees for non-family guests will be $27.00, per day.  Family member guest fees will be $16.00 per day.           9-18-2005 Semi-Annual, Modified 4-15-2007 Semi-Annual     Modified 3-21-10 BOD   Modified 3-21-10 BOD      Modified .4-19-2015 Semi-Annual, Revised 9/20/2015 Semi-Annual, Reaffirmed 4-23-2017 semi-annual
  1. Non-members must check in by 5:00 PM unless prior arrangements are made. Everyone is to come through the front gate and immediately check in. Members must immediately check-in their guest/s at the office.  5-20-2007 BOD Non-members and guests must check out by 11:30 PM. Non-members and guests staying overnight, (Tent, RV, and Cabins) must check out by 11:00 AM. (Revised March 2013 BOD) The club will be closed to non-members from November 1 through March 1 of the following year. (winter season)  4-19-2015 Semi-annual, Revised 9-17-2017 BOD
  1. A limited number of (5) single non-members per day will be admitted on a reservation only basis. 9-16-2007 Semi, Revised 9/16/2011 Semi-Annual, Revised 9/20/2015 Semi-Annual
  1. Members may invite guests provided such member is on the grounds during such visits. The member is responsible for their guest’s behavior.  Guest fees must be paid if guests use club facilities with the exception of the bathrooms.  All guests must sign a release form.  If hosting member is not on the property, the guest will be charged a fee equivalent to the lowest cabin rate in addition to grounds fees. 9/16/2012 BOD
  1. Any single member in good standing, whether probationary, annual, life or fellow may bring an adult as his/her guest for an unlimited number of visits without payment of grounds fees for the guest. The member must be on the grounds at the time of the visit and the guest must register at the office and sign a release 5-19-1996 BOD, reaffirmed 10-26-2003,  revised 09/18/201,  deleted march 2016 , added  and revised 4-17-2016 BOD, revised 4-2017 semi-annual
  1. Non-members and guests MUST sign in at the office and sign a release form. This also includes grandchildren as well as guests who stay on the member’s lot.
  1. See Camera policy regarding non-members – Grounds Rules I.29.C and 1.29.D (page 5)
  1. Background checks will be done on all single visiting males once a year. The fee for the background check is to be paid by the visiting male.  A copy of driver’s license will be kept on file.  June 2016 BOD


Grandchildren and other minor guests:

  1. Grounds fees will be waived for member’s grandchildren who visit on a regular basis. However, a letter of consent and a signed release form should be submitted each year at the beginning of the season for each grandchild visiting the club.
  2. Grandparents please remember a letter of consent is required before bringing the children out for the season. If your guest will be visiting frequently you can sign a release form for the season.  Please make sure this is taken care of as soon as possible.  The release forms are required for our insurance.  Both signatures are required on release form for couples.  5-19-96 BOD
  3. Any member or guest of a member bringing a minor child must have a notarized letter of consent to bring the child on club grounds. They must sign a release form.  Note:  If the guest is a minor and not a blood relative they must have a signed notarized letter/legal consent from the custodial parent.  This also applies to all children of divorced members or minor guests.  The same applies to parents that are in the process of divorce or separation.  6-20-93 BOD


Service Providers:

  1. Members may have service providers (contractors, delivery servicemen, repairmen, etc.) on club property to perform services on their personal property without registering or payment of grounds fees. The member shall be responsible to explain pertinent club policies (camera) to the providers and insure that they do not access any of the club’s common grounds.
  2. Caregiver/Personal Healthcare Provider: In the event that a resident/member of the Forty Acre Club enters into a state of health that requires a caretaker, the following policy shall be complied with:
  • The member must submit to the BOD a letter from his/her physician stating the need and full requirements for the caretaker.
  • A request is made to the BOD by the member for approval of said caretaker.
  • The caretaker must follow the By-Laws and Policies & Procedures of the Forty Acre Club.
  • The caretaker will have restricted access to the Forty Acre common grounds based on the medical needs as directed by the members’ physician.
  • The caretaker is not allowed to spend the night on the grounds unless specifically approved by the BOD at its discretion.
  • If a member’s medical needs require 24 hour care then said member must search for alternatives regarding their healthcare needs, i.e., Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Home or family intervention. (Approved 9/18/2011 Semi-Annual)
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