I 25 Pool Rules

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Pool Rules

  1. No one may swim alone.
  2. No diving.
  3. Take a SOAP shower before entering the pool EACH time.
  4. No clothing of any kind is to be worn in the pool.
  5. Children 12 years and under must be supervised by an adult 18 or older while in the pool area.
  6. Children who are not completely potty-trained must wear a special swim diaper in the pool, not a regular diaper.
  7. No glass containers allowed inside the pool enclosure.
  8. No food allowed in the pool.
  9. No animals allowed inside the pool enclosure.
  10. Club chairs are for use while in the pool area, and may not be reserved for future use by leaving items on them. Items will be removed.
  11. Chairs must be kept at least 6 feet from the pool edge.
  12. If the pool is crowded on holiday weekends, floats should not be used in the pool. Please use courtesy and common sense.
  13. If you have food at the tables, please clean up after yourself.
  14. Clarification of pool rules: “No food is allowed around the pool’s edge but beverages and smoking around the edge of the pool are to be allowed.” BOD 9-16-2007
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