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AFFILIATE — (1) (noun)  An adult who is not an AM or LM and is of the opposite sex of the corresponding original member and who the original member wishes to bring under his membership, thus being considered a couple in these by-laws.  An affiliate can become an original member if the (first) original member dies, divorces or separates from the couple; the surviving adult, who was an affiliate becomes a (second) original member if he seeks another individual to merge with his membership (see section on affiliation). (2) (verb)  To form a union under these by-laws of one person who is an AM or LM to another who is not.

ANNIVERSARY (DATE) —  The date on which the Board of Directors confirmed the applicant to a specific membership.

APPLICANT —   The family unit (including their single children who are under the age of 25 years and are included in the household, that is, not emancipated) who have applied for membership.

BALLOT VOTE —   Shall be meant to include a written ballot and instructions mailed or furnished to all voting members prior to an election or vote. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD) —   Equivalent to the Board; shall be considered an elected office.

CAMPING SITE —  An area designed for temporary tent camping and may be used by members and guests.

CLOSED MEETING —   A meeting at which only the BOD and invited parties may attend.

COMMITTEE(S) –  There shall be three (3) types of committees.  They shall be:

  • Standing – Permanent committees, as per these by-laws.
  • Provisional – Temporary committees, initiated for the purpose of research. These might also be committees initiated by the membership.  Committees initiated by the membership would remain in place until membership dissolves them.
  • Directors – A committee set up by a director for the purpose of aiding said director in the completion of his duties.

DIRECTOR(S) — Refers to any member of the Board (BOD).

DUE (DATE) —   The date of mailing or furnishing of a bill for required monies, unless it is noted that the due date is later than this.

EMANCIPATION, EMANCIPATED —   A child of a member shall be considered emancipated if he is married, or no longer receiving substantial financial assistance from his parents or legal guardians or he is greater than 25 years of age..

FORTY ACRE CLUB —   Equivalent to the “Club.”

FURNISH(ED) —   As an alternative to mailing information; shall be meant to infer that the information be given to the proper individual(s) in person no later than if it were mailed.

IMPROVEMENT —   Shall be meant to include personal property physically occupying an assigned lot.

INACTIVE MEMBER —   Not considered a member of the Club, but rather a class of non-members who are extended certain options by the Club because of certain circumstances as an LM.

INDUCE (A SPECIAL MEETING) —   To cause a special meeting to be called in the usual manner, that is, by the President, or the appropriate BOD action, or voting members.

ITEM —   The primary division of a section of these by-laws; being composed of sub-items; denoted by a whole number plus the appropriate number to the right of the decimal point; referring to all or any sub-item within said item, e.g. 5.2 refers to only the second enumerated part of section 5 and to any or all of the sub-items (if any).

LEASED RV SITE  –   An RV site that may be leased by a PM, AM & LM in good standing on a yearly basis.

LOT(S) —   Pertaining to property privileges; shall be described on the official plat.

MEMBER (M). MEMBERSHIP (Mp) —   Any class of member (ship) listed, in order from highest to lowest:

(1)        Life Member (LM), Life Membership (LMp)

(2)        Annual Member (AM), Annual Membership (AMp)

(3)        Probationary Member (PM), Probationary Membership (PMp)

(4)        Fellow Member (FM), Fellow Membership (FMp)

but specifically excludes applicants and inactive members noting that ‘original member’ does not refer to a membership at all.

MAILED MAILING OF (INFORMATION) —   Shall imply that the time of the postmark shall be on or before the deadline required.

MAJORITY —   Equivalent to simple majority meaning greater than one-half; 3/4ths or 2/3rds majority meaning greater than or equal to 3/4ths or 2/3rds, respectively. 

MONIES —   Equivalent to ‘required monies’ meaning any fees, dues, charges, rents, assessments, fines, or any other money owed to the Club.

OFFICER —   Refers to a specific position on the BOD.

OPEN MEETING —   A meeting at which any member may attend.  Note: only at a membership meeting must a member be recognized (other than BOD or committee chairmen).

ORIGINAL MEMBER —   (Not a class of membership)  The ‘surviving’ adult who holds title to a specific membership, ‘surviving’ due to either death, divorce, or absence of a partner or spouse or separation of a single couple.  One membership can yield two original members if a divorce or separation occurs and both individuals remain and retain a separate membership (see ‘affiliate’; see section on affiliation).

PRONOUNS —   Or other words implying gender shall be meant to imply persons of the opposite sex as well (but specifically excluding the words ‘male’ and ‘female’) but the gender relationship of such words shall remain constant within an item, e.g. ‘he’ is the opposite of ‘she’, similarly ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

RV SITES – A temporary RV parking area designed to accommodate RV vehicles and may be used by guest and members alike.

SECTION —   The primary division of these by-laws, being composed of items.  Reference to a section shall be meant to include all or any part of that section.  A reference to a whole section shall be denoted by the whole number to the left of the decimal point, e.g. 5 or 5. refers to any or all of the items in the fifth division of these by-laws.

SINGLE —   A person who is not legally married to anyone and applying or applied for membership alone, or is a member without a partner or spouse due to a death, divorce or separation of the couple.

SINGLE COUPLE —   A male and female who are not married to each other or anyone else and applying or applied for membership as a couple and are considered a couple who are married for all purposes unless otherwise specified in these by-laws. 

SPECIAL MEETING —   A meeting called and held for a specific purpose.

STAY (MONIES) —   To delay the due date for all or part of the required monies to no later than nine (9) months after the original due date. 

SUB-ITEM —   The primary division of an item denoted by an item number but including a letter of the alphabet to the right, e.g. 5.1A or 5.IB.

VISIT —   For the purpose of meeting probationary membership requirements, physical presence of the applicant on the grounds for a period of time greater than two hours shall be considered one visit.  For two visits to be considered as separate, they must be separated by a time span no less than twenty-four hours from the end of the first to the beginning of the second, however, no more than two visits will be counted during any seven consecutive days or the first visit must be at least five days long, the second visit being counted immediately on the sixth day.

VISITATION RIGHTS —   The right to use the Club grounds and facilities and / or be present on the Club grounds within the restrictions and requirements set forth in these by-laws and the BOD.  These rights are only granted to those members who are considered in good standing by the Club, that is, not under suspension or those non-members to whom the BOD extends such rights.

VOTING MEMBER (SHIP) —   Adult member(s) who head the household of a life membership who are not under suspension

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