Section 10 – Special Membership Circumstances of Application

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10.1     Single children of members, upon reaching the age of 25 are required to pay grounds fees for each day they are on the grounds.

10.2     Single children of LMs or AMs who are at least the age of legal majority (18) and who are at most 26 years old, may apply as a special applicant (1) for any membership if his guardians are AMs, PROVIDED (a) he applies before reaching the age of 26 years, or (b) within 90 days of his marriage or emancipation, whichever comes first.

10.3     If said special applicant desires to have an LMP or AMP of his own, the usual BOD confirmation, probationary period, and subsequent ballot vote shall be required. However, no less than (7) BOD shall be required to waive or reduce said probationary period provided there is a written request by the special applicant to do so.

It shall not be construed that these by-laws shall prevent an eligible special applicant from gaining a LMP due to singles quotas, nor him gaining the improvements and the corresponding lot of his parents or legal guardian according to their wishes.

If the special applicant desires a FMP, he shall automatically be accepted into said membership.

10.4     If said special applicant attains LMP or AMP, he shall then have automatically accrued seniority up to but less than that of his parents or legal guardians.

10.5     If single children of members other than AMs or LMs who are at least the age of majority wish to remain a member (1) after the age of 26 years or (2) after 90 days of his marriage or emancipation, whichever comes first then he shall be required to apply in the usual manner (not as a special applicant) for the desired membership.

10.6     Failure to apply for membership in the appropriate manner as described in this section shall cause these children of members to be considered non-members for all purposes within these by-laws.

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