Section 13 – Suspension and Termination Requirements and Procecures

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13.1     Any member conducting himself in a manner not in harmony with the membership, these by-laws, or any other rules and regulations governing the internal affairs of this Club or contrary to the principles of nudism or knowingly causes abuse or destruction of Club or personal property or poses a threat to the well being of the Club or its membership or poses a threat to the anonymity of its members may be suspended or terminated from the Club under this section.

13.2     An FM may be suspended or terminated by the same procedure as reconfirmation described in the ‘fellow membership” section.

13.3     A PM may be suspended or terminated by a vote of not less than six (6) of the BOD at any regular or special meeting.

13.4     Suspension or termination procedures against a LM or AM may not begin unless the said member shall have been mailed a certified letter (or furnished a notice) stating such impending action including the time and place of said action.  This notification shall have the same advance notice as that of a special meeting.  Said member shall have the opportunity to be present and be heard at said meeting.  The said member shall not be present when the vote is taken.  The notification set forth in this item shall be waived if said member has not furnished the Club with a current workable address.  If this is the case, a reasonable attempt shall be made to notify said member of such impending action against him.

13.5     An AM or LM shall be suspended if and only if the proceedings are held at a special meeting and that at least six (6) members of the BOD vote for suspension.  Said suspension shall not exceed 60 days and must be continuous from beginning to end, but may not necessarily begin immediately, according to the BOD.

13.6     An AM or LM shall be terminated from the Club, if and only if, the proceedings are held at a special meeting and that at least fifteen (15) days after said special meeting, at least 3/4ths of the ballots cast during a ballot vote of the voting members, vote to terminate said member(ship).  If the said member was suspended for 60 days by the BOD, said special meeting for the purpose of considering termination must be called by the President within 30 days of the vote for suspension.

13.7     Any member terminated or suspended shall be allowed to review a transcript or synopsis, whether written or on magnetic tape, which ever is available, within fifteen days of the meeting at which the action was taken.



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