Section 14 – Appeal Procedure

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14.1     Determination of the validity and consequent rectification of an appeal due to irregularities, omissions or misinterpretation of these by-laws which led to a certain act against specific and enumerated individual(s) or membership(s) by the BOD or the voting membership as a whole, shall be left to a majority vote of the voting membership present and voting at a special meeting.

14.2     Said special meeting shall be called in the usual manner according to the section on special meetings.  Failure to induce such a meeting within 30 days of the action shall automatically invalidate the charges.

14.3     If said membership(s) or individual(s) were terminated or under immediate suspension and they wish to appeal, a request must be filed with the President (by those individuals involved) who shall grant restricted and limited visitation privileges for six (6) days total, but within the aforesaid 30 days, for the sole purpose of inducing said special meeting in order to hear his appeal.  The individual(s) involved may not use any of the Club’s facilities unrelated to the above purpose as determined by the BOD.  This item shall NOT be construed to imply that the mandatory granting of these visitation privileges by the President obligates him or anyone else to call or cause to be called said special meeting.




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