Section 21 – Fines

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21.1     The BOD by no less than five (5) affirmative votes, has the authority to impose fines to person(s) only to the extent of reimbursing the Club for destruction or abuse of Club property or facilities including unauthorized tampering or informed neglect of Club property which causes the destruction or abuse of Club property or facilities by an individual or membership or group of such.

These fines may also include not only a reimbursement for real losses, but also a reasonable remuneration for labor and inconvenience accumulated in correcting or compensating for the resulting damage or abuse.  Upon the BOD’s approval they may accept compensation in the name of the Club in money, goods and/or services to the Club.  Such monetary compensation shall revert to the general treasury.

21.2     Any penalty above and beyond those already specified in this section may be proposed by the BOD and can only be imposed by the voting membership by a majority of those present and voting at a special meeting.  These additional penalties may be imposed for the purpose of establishing a penalty or fine for (1) a specific individual(s) in the recent past; and/or (2) an action by unnamed individual (s) in the future.  The BOD shall have the authority to enforce and administer the imposition of said fines for past or future actions and such fines shall revert to the general treasury unless the voting members deem otherwise during the aforesaid special meeting.






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