Section 28 – Semi-Annual Meetings

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28.1     There shall be two semi-annual meetings of the voting membership of this Club on:

(1) The third Sunday in April each year, and

(2) The third Sunday in September each year; both to be held at the Club site.

28.2     The semi-annual business meeting shall be held during the September semi-annual meeting.  The agenda shall include in the following order:

(1)        The first order of new business at the September semi-annual meeting is to have the

current President call for the collection and counting of the ballots by the Election


(2)        Calling for a thirty (30) minute recess for the propose of the counting of the ballots

by the election committee.

(3)        The taking of attendance and the passing out of the voting ballots.

(4)        Annual reports from the BOD.

(5)        Election results (by name only) and the seating of the new board

(6)        A budget of anticipated income and expenditures by each office, which shall be adopted by a simple majority of the voting members present and voting..

(7)        Approval of new projects: any new projects approved but not physically under construction or started by this meeting shall be resubmitted to the voting members who shall approve them by a simple majority of those voting members present and voting.

(8)        Other business which is in the best interest of the Club.

28.3     The fiscal year of the Club shall begin each September 1st and end August 31st the following year.

28.4     The agenda of the semi-annual meeting in April shall include:

(I)        The vice-president shall present a summation of the past year’s decisions affecting the members and amendments to the by-laws.

(2)        Update of ongoing projects.

(3)        Any other business that may be in the best interest of the Club.

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