Section 33 – 41 Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

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33.1     President – In addition to specific duties outlined in these by-laws, the President shall be the principal executive officer of the Club and shall, in general, supervise all of the business and affairs of the Club. He shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the BOD and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President shall sign all deeds, leases, mortgages, contracts, or other instruments which the BOD or voting membership have authorized to be executed on behalf of the Club.  However, all promissory notes of the Club shall be signed by the President and the Treasurer and attested by the Secretary.

33.2   The President shall appoint the chairman. The President and the committee chairman shall then confer concerning the remaining committee appointments, as shall be necessary for the proper conduct of the Club business.  However, the BOD reserves the right to approve any committee originated by the President by a majority vote of the BOD, including the composition of the committee.  The President shall also have the responsibility to remove any committee member who is not functioning within the committee in the best interest of the Club.  The President shall also have the right to dissolve any Provisional Committee, with the exception of committees originated by the membership or have a work in progress.


34.1     Vice-President – In addition to specific duties as outlined in these by-laws, the vice-president shall assist the President as it may be in the best interest of the Club.  He shall act in the place of a director in the event of his inability, refusal or removal and shall assume all the powers and perform all the duties of said director during his absence or disability or until his successor has been appropriately determined.

34.2     The Vice-President shall maintain an active tally of all rules, regulations, voting member decisions, amendments to these by-laws, and all motions in their entirety and the like as they affect the operation of the club or membership at large.  The motions shall be included within each month’s minutes. He shall present any changes in his report at the April semi-annual meeting.


35.1     Secretary – In addition to specific duties as outlined in these by-laws, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep all of the records of the Club in an orderly fashion (excluding financial records), issue notices of meetings, to note the proceedings of same and enter them into the minute book and cause to be published all notices which require publication.  He shall also conduct all official correspondence of the Club and of the BOD, except that which pertains to the membership chairman.  He shall have the custody of the seal, by-laws and other records of the Club, all of which, with the exception of vital statistics of members or applicants, shall be open at all reasonable times to the inspection of the members.  The Secretary may select member(s) of the Club outside of the BOD to assist him in his duties.

35.2     He shall confer with the Treasurer as to the eligibility of life members as voting members prior to all ballot votes and elections.

35.3     He shall send the Club attorney all information as required in these by-laws.


36.1     Treasurer – In addition to specific duties as outlined in these by-laws, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep the accounts of the Club.  He shall collect and disburse the funds of the Club.  He shall render a written statement at each regular meeting of the BOD of money on hand and so far as practicable, the outstanding obligations of the Club.  It is mandatory that he shall retain records of all financial transactions in an orderly fashion available for auditing at any time.  The books shall be closed August 31st each year.  A complete balance sheet showing the financial condition of the Club and a full report in detail of receipts and disbursements shall be distributed to the members with the next regular minutes.  Upon closing the books, the Treasurer shall surrender all financial records to an auditing committee, none of which are members of the BOD, and their report shall be rendered within two months after the September semi-annual meeting.  Upon termination of a director as Treasurer, it shall be the duty of an auditing committee to conduct an audit of the books and present a written report to the membership.  It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to see to the proper preparation of the budget and present it at the September semi-annual meeting for adoption by the voting members.

36.2     He shall maintain financial records which can be used to derive statistics as to determine the progress of income and expenditures.

36.3     He shall supply the President with a list of members who are in arrears in payment of required monies or has had such monies stayed.

36.4     He shall have the responsibility to see that any special funds set up by these by-laws, the BOD, or voting membership shall have the proper amount deposited or so inform the president of inadequate funds.


37.1     Grounds Chairman – In addition to any specific duties outlined in these by-laws, it shall be the duty of the Grounds Chairman to direct the maintenance, improvement and physical operation of the grounds for the betterment of the Club.  The Grounds Chairman must have the approval of the BOD for all new projects.

37.2     The Grounds Chairman shall head the Grounds committee which shall consist of at least two members: (1) the Grounds and the Co-Grounds Chairmen.


38.1     Co-Grounds Chairman – In addition to any duties specifically outlined in these by-laws, the Co-Grounds Chairman will be charged with working with the Grounds Chairman and shall assume his duties in his absence.

38.2     The Co-Grounds Chairman shall be the ‘living unit coordinator1 and shall be responsible for assigning lots.  In this capacity, he shall keep current records of the occupants of all lots and assign lots upon written request (see section on property privileges).  He shall inform the BOD and membership of properties available and/or improvements for sale.  He shall in no way quote, discuss, recommend or advise financial arrangements in connection with the sale, trade, or exchange of improvements referred to herein except to the BOD as they shall direct or unless the seller authorizes him to do so.


39.1     Entertainment –   In addition to any specific duties outlined in these by-laws, it will be the duty of the Entertainment Chairman to provide suitable social functions throughout the year.  To request and coordinate committees to serve with him in this capacity.


40.1     Sports – In addition to any specific duties outlined in these by-laws, it will be the duty of the Sports Chairman to provide and maintain an inventory of all sporting equipment.  He shall be responsible for maintaining the swimming pool.

40.2     It will also be their duty to coordinate and cooperate with the entertainment chairman to provide suitable functions as they may pertain to sports activities.


41.1     Membership Chairman – In addition to any specific duties outlined in these by-laws, it shall be the duty of the Membership Chairman to investigate directly or indirectly all inquiries and applications for membership.  There shall be a committee headed by the Membership Chairman to aid him in the execution of his duties.  A full report shall be made of all inquiries, actions taken and recommendations at the next regular meeting of the BOD.  At the discretion of the Membership Chairman or committee member so authorized by him, any applicant for membership may be invited to visit the Club grounds.  All applications of prospective members shall be reviewed and carefully investigated by the Membership Chairman and upon receipt of his full report and recommendation; the BOD shall act upon such application at its next regular meeting.

41.2     He shall inform all applicants of all rules, regulations, protocol, monies, and the like as it may affect their application, prospective membership, and subsequent membership.

41.3     He shall maintain and tabulate a register for all visitors, applicants, PMs and FMs.

41.4     He shall receive dues of PMs under the direction of the Treasurer.

41.5     He shall direct maintenance and assignment of motel units and receive fees for such under direction of the Treasurer.

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