Section 42 – Committees – Standing

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42.1     All committees, both standing and provisional, shall be required to have all of their meetings public and in a public club location.  All committee meeting dates shall be posted on the bulletin board or in the BOD minutes at least (1) week prior to the meeting date.  No committee meetings, with the exception of the Audit committee, will meet from the cessation of the last year’s meeting until two (2) weeks prior to the first meeting of the next year.



42.2  There shall be three (3) standing committees. These shall be:

  •   Audit Committee
  •   By-Law Committee
  •   Election Committee

42.2.1  The chairman of these standing committees shall be appointed within one (1) BOD Meeting of the commencement of the President’s term, with the exception of the Audit Committee. The President and the committee chairman shall then confer concerning the Remaining committee appointments, as shall be necessary for the proper conduct of the\Club business.

42.3A  In the event the President does not make committee member appointments, the Current    members shall continue within their committee for the additional term.

42.3B  Each member of a committee shall be installed for the period of two(2) years (the length of  the President’s term), with the exception of the Audit Committee.

42.3C  In the event a member resigns, an new appointee will be installed for the remaining length of the President’s term, with the exception of the Audit Committee, which the new member will serve on the remaining length of the Treasurer’s term.

42.3D  Each committee shall have a set number of members. However, others may sit in and         observe, but are only allowed to comment at the pleasure of the chairman.

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