Section 48 – Property and Property Privileges

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48.1     The BOD shall have the authority to establish such rules and regulations with regard to Club property, assignment of lots, equipment and the like as it shall be in the best interest of the Club.

48.2     The BOD shall establish and have available copies of the current ground rules to all members and other persons on the grounds.

48.3     Property privileges shall be afforded to only members who shall be allowed the privilege of applying for a lot, when available, to the Co-Grounds Chairman, as provided in these by-laws.  He shall be granted such a request provided he:

48.3A  Is a LM in good standing, or

48.3B  If a AM, affirm this intent by paying the Club a non-refundable amount equivalent to 1/5th the current initiation fee. This payment shall be the last payment due on his initiation fee. The AM must apply for LM and will be given the first available LM. The member will not have voting rights until the life membership is obtained; and

48.3C  Has the greatest seniority of those requesting that specific lot at that time; and

48.3D  Makes an amiable agreement concerning any improvements with the seller; and

48.3E   Has fulfilled all other requirements set forth in this section and these by-laws.

48.4     It shall not be construed to imply that these by-laws require that a lot be available for each and every LMP but rather that each LMP may apply for the privilege of occupying a lot, should one become available.

48.5     No more than one lot shall be assigned at any one time to any membership.

48.6     Lots available shall be offered no less than 15 days after publication in the regular minutes stating said lot’s availability. No lot shall be assigned to a LMp unless it has been so offered. After said 15 days, the lot shall be assigned by the Co-Grounds Chairman to anyone fulfilling the requirements as stated in this section and these by-laws.

48.7     Members must maintain lots which are assigned to them and must abide by the rules and regulations as established by the BOD. In the event said member is mailed or furnished two warning notices stating violations within one year, the BOD shall arrange to have the lot restored to an acceptable condition and the member will be charged the cost thereof.

48.8     Removal or deterioration of existing improvements on an assigned lot may be considered abandonment of said lot if such a condition, as determined and approved by at least seven (7) members of the BOD, continues for a period of no less than six (6) months and notice is mailed at least 60 days prior to such action by the BOD.

48.9     In the event that a member ceases to be a LM, he or his proper legal representatives shall have no more than six months within which to sell, remove, or dispose of all improvements made on said lot and return said lot to a reasonable condition acceptable to the BOD.  If said improvements are not so removed, sold, or disposed, the improvements shall be deemed abandoned.

48.10  In the event of abandonment of improvements as provided in this section, said improvements shall become the absolute property of the Club.  The BOD shall sell or dispose of said improvements at no liability to itself or its members.  The Club shall apply so much of the proceeds (if any) towards the payment of (whichever are applicable) delinquent monies, expenses of sale and/or disposal, restoration of the lot and attorney’s fees and costs.  If any balance remains thereafter, it shall be retained by the Club in a separate account and said member notified of such balance by certified mail at his last known address.  If such balance is not claimed by the member or his legal representatives within two years of the date of the notice, the balance so held shall revert to the general treasury of the Club.

48.11   All sales of improvements are subject to the approval of the BOD.  It shall be necessary, but not sufficient for the BOD to give final approval of the sale, for the buyer to provide an affidavit of sale from the seller stating to whom the improvements are sold and when they have or will have paid for the improvements in full.

48.12   Any members who have a lot shall assume the liability for all taxes assessed by the County or State against their improvements and any other debts incurred by said member relative to said lot.

48.13   No trees or shrubs or protective underbrush may be removed from the grounds or from any building site without prior approval of the BOD.  Violators will be subject to fine or action by the BOD.

48.14   In case of dissolution of the Club, the property shall be distributed to the LMs according to the laws of the State of Missouri and the Articles of Incorporation.

48.15   The BOD shall have the power to acquire in the name of the Club any real or personal property or interest therein as it may be in the best interest of the Club as it is authorized by the laws of the State of Missouri and the Articles of Incorporation.

48.16   With no less than an affirmative vote of seven members of the BOD, the BOD may dispose of any personal property including utilities, but not real property excluding utilities, as it may be in the best interest of the Club and provided for in the Articles of Incorporation, provided that at least fifteen (15) days notice from the date of its mailing is given to all voting members in the regular minutes prior to the actual disposal.

48.17   Real property excluding utilities shall be disposed of by the BOD in the name of the Club if    and only if the disposal has been approved by 3/4ths of the ballots returned by the voting members during a ballot vote.  However, the real property included in the actual and original forty acres and access road as described in the appropriate Quit Claim Deeds and the Club’s Certificate of Title shall require 3/4ths of the total number of voting members to authorize the BOD to dispose of said real property.

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