Section 05 – Probationary Membership (PMP)

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5.1       PMp shall be limited to those applicants whose intent it is to become an AM or LM.

5.2       Upon confirmation by the BOD into PMp, the applicant shall become a PM and be accorded all the corresponding privileges, rights, responsibilities, and restrictions as further defined in this section and in these by-laws.

5.2A    The PM shall have available to him a membership card by a request to the membership chairman;

5.2B    PMP covers the applicant;

5.2C    The PM shall have visitation rights;

5.2D    The PM shall be responsible to contribute to the maintenance of the Club as administered by the BOD and voted on by the voting membership; and

5.2E     The PM is restricted from holding elected office or voting in any elections or having property privileges, but is encouraged to attend and contribute to any open board meeting or open membership meeting.

5.3       Should the PM withdraw his application within (30) days of the date of his application, 50%

of his probationary dues shall be refunded to him.

5.4       Seniority shall begin to accrue on the date of the PM’s application, provided the BOD confirms the applicant into PMp.

5.5       The PM must visit and register on the club grounds at least six (6) times during his probationary period and prior to the recommendation for a ballot vote on his bid for membership (or) the ballot vote itself and be introduced to the BOD at least two (2) times. 

5.6       Before successfully completing the probationary membership, all PMs must undergo a probationary period of as long as one year beginning on the date of his confirmation by the BOD (zero anniversary date).

5.7       The PM must attend two (2) BOD meetings and be introduced.  If this does not occur prior to the end of the eleventh (11) month of the probationary status, the membership is revoked and they will not be voted on by the general membership.

5.8       Should any requirement stated in this section not be fulfilled by the PM’s first anniversary date, no ballot vote shall be taken and the PM shall cease to be a member and shall lose all rights and privileges thereof.

5.9       By the end of the probationary period (the first anniversary date) of each PMp, the BOD must either:

5.9A    Vote to terminate the PM’s membership by a vote of (6) of the BOD, according to the termination section in these by-laws; or

5.9B    Recommend by a vote of (5) of the BOD that the PM be brought up for a ballot to complete his PMp, which shall be counted at the next regular meeting (this option cannot be used sooner than eight months into the probationary period, nor without written consent of the PM, or as otherwise stated in these by-laws); or

5.9C    Abstain from any action.  With this option the PM shall have a ballot vote to complete his PMp, to be counted at the next regular meeting following the PM’s first anniversary date.

5.10     The PM shall retain all rights and privileges, responsibilities, and restrictions until the ballot is counted according to this section if, and only if, he has not been suspended or terminated under any other items or sections of these by-laws.

5.11     The PM shall have successfully completed his PMp when he has acquired a simple majority of the ballots cast of affirmative votes during said ballot vote at the appropriate meeting.

5.12     Should a majority of affirmative votes NOT prevail during said ballot vote or if the BOD voted to terminate the PM, all rights and privileges of said PMP shall cease immediately and he shall no longer be considered a member of the Club and the PM’s probationary period shall end at this point.

5.13     A PMP that has not received a simple majority of the ballots cast during the ballot vote to end his probationary period, or has had the membership revoked or terminated for cause, shall not be able to reapply for membership for a period of at least one year.  No visits will be allowed during this year. However, that person may be a guest of a member, but he will be restricted to the member’s property.

5.14     The PM shall be assumed to be applying for AMp unless the PM shall inform the BOD of his intent to become an LM and such an opening exists and is available to him.



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