Section 50 – Emergency Powers

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50.1     The directors present and available shall have the power, authorized by these by-laws, to act in a necessary and sufficient, but reasonable and prudent manner in any emergency without the usual waiting period before a meeting, prior announcement of a meeting, quorum required and the like or any other usual restrictions as per these by-laws.  If no directors are present and available, then the most recent past President of the BOD shall be authorized to act in the above manner.  If no such past Presidents are present and available, authority to act in the above manner and circumstances shall be given first to (1) any life member then (2) any annual member then (3) anyone acting in the best interest of the Club.

50.2     Such an emergency, as referred to in this section, shall be constituted by an event or person(s) who pose an imminent threat:

50.2A  To person(s) on the grounds; and/or

50.2B  To property of the Club or other personal property on the grounds; and/or

50.2C  To the continued operation or functioning of the Club.

50.3     Any person(s) invoking such emergency powers must report such at the next regular meeting.

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