Section 51 – Ballot Voting

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51.1     At least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which the counting of ballots will take place, such ballots shall be mailed or furnished to all voting members.

51.2     Eligibility of life members as voting members shall be determined at the time of the mailing of the ballots and any member or members having been voted into life membership after the mailing of the ballots and before counting of same, shall be allowed to vote in said election.

51.3     No ballot may be retrieved after it has been returned to a director or election committee unless it can be positively determined that said ballot belongs to the person retrieving it.

51.4     No duplicate ballot shall be issued unless it can be positively determined that only one ballot can be returned by said person.

51.5     Unless otherwise stated in these by-laws or the Articles of Incorporation, the number of ballots returned just prior to the couinting of said ballots, shall be used to determine the appropriate majority.

51.6     All ballots shall be kept by the Secretary for a period of no less than 90 days and may be reviewed by any member with a director at a convenient time within said 90 days.

51.7     No member shall cast more than one ballot, nor shall he be allowed to cast another’s ballot by proxy in any election or vote.

51.8     There shall be an election committee established for the ballot vote for:  (1) the election of directors; (2) amendments to these by-laws; (3) termination of Life or Annual memberships; and (4) authorization to dispose of real property, excluding utilities, by the BOD, for the purpose of further insuring the validity of ballot votes. The committee shall be composed of five voting members, plus at least two alternates (no BOD’s immediate family members) who shall confer with the Secretary as necessary in order to aid said committee in the execution of their appointed duties. The Election Committee shall use the following Ballot Counting Procedure:

  1. All members of the election committee must read these procedures prior to each ballot counting and sign at the bottom that they understand fully their duties. The signed copy will be enclosed in the sealed envelope at the end of the count.
  2. Ballots that are mailed shall be retrieved from the post office box by one member of the election committee and l board member.
  3. Ballots are then to be placed in a locked box, with an opening on it.
  4. Ballots turned in on the day of the ballot counting shall be dropped into the locked box.
  5. The Secretary and the election committee shall open the locked box and remove the ballots (still within the envelopes).
  6. Ballots (still within their envelopes) are to be counted in total.
  7. After count is given to all members, the ballots (still within their envelopes) are t be marked off the ID number sheet. In event of a discrepancy with the ID numbers, the secretary shall be immediately brought into the counting area to clear up the discrepancy with the master candidate sheet.
  8. Three containers shall be placed on the table in the presence of all of the election committee.  The envelopes shall be opened, ballots removed and the envelopes be placed in the middle container and mixed up.
  9. The ballot counting shall be done by 2 members of the election committee, with the chair handing off each new ballot to counters 1 and 2 and committee persons 4 and 5 observing to make sure the chairperson is properly handling the ballots and the counters are marking their sheets appropriately.  Neither the election committee chair nor the observers shall have any marking device in hand.
  10. The ballot is then handed to the first counter to mark the master candidate sheet.  When counter 2 is finished marking his master candidate sheet the ballot is placed in the 3rd container.  No other ballot should be opened prior to the first ballot being completely counted and disposed of in the 3rd container.  Each subsequent ballot shall be counted in the same manner.
  11. Once all ballots have been counted the counters are to read their results.  As long as the tally sheets match, all ballots and envelopes along with all tally sheets are to be placed in a large envelope and sealed, with the results but no actual ballot count written on the outside of the envelope as well as the date, and signed by the chairperson.
  12. If the results do not match, start entire procedure from the beginning, until results match.
  13. The actual count results shall remain confidential.  If the result of the ballot count is released to anyone outside the committee, the committee member responsible shall be terminated from the committee and barred from being on the committee in the future.












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