Section 06 – Life Membership (LMP)

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6.1       Upon successful completion of his PMP, a member may become a LM according to his wishes, when an opening exists and is available to said member.

6.2       The maximum number of LMPs shall be 90 (equal to one and one half the sum of the number of lots according to the official plat – 60 Lots). LMps shall become available to AMs applying for said membership on the basis of seniority.

6.3       Upon acceptance into LMP, said membership shall be entitled to the rights, privileges, responsibilities, and restrictions as further defined in this section and these by-laws:

6.3A    Said member shall be able to hold elected office unless otherwise restricted in these by-laws;

6.3B    Shall have property privileges:

6.3C    Shall have visitation rights;

6.3D    Shall have the responsibility of contributing to the maintenance of the Club as voted on by the voting membership and administered by the BOD; and

6.3E     Provided said LM is not under suspension, said membership shall have voting rights as follows:

6.3E (i) Should said membership be composed of a couple; married or not, with or without children, each person of this couple shall be entitled to one vote, (2 total/membership) and each shall be referred to as a voting member and part of the voting membership;

6.3E (ii) Should said membership be composed of a single, widow, divorcee, or one who has separated from his partner, then the head of that household shall have one vote and also be referred to as a voting member and part of the voting membership; and

6.3E (iii) It shall not be construed to imply that the child (ren) of a voting member shall have a vote unless said child (ren) has a LMP of his own.

6.4       Attainment of LMP shall give said member greater seniority than all AMs (and PMs), but less than all LMs at that point in time.






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