Section 07 – Inactive Membership (IMP)

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7.1       IMP shall be available to LMs that submit a notarized written request to the BOD stating their desire to become an IM. and said request is approved by no less than (5) affirmative votes of the BOD at any meeting.

7.2       The IM shall lose all rights and privileges of his former LMP, but shall have the following rights, privileges, responsibilities and restrictions as further defined in this section and these by-laws.

7.2A    An IM shall have the right to return as a LM within 5 years of becoming an IM according to his/her wishes if a LMP is available. Should a LMp not be available said IM may return to a AMP and be placed on the waiting list at the appropriate point according to their seniority level. During said 5 years, the IMp:

7.2B    Shall retain his seniority measured in time as a LM, but shall NOT accrue any seniority during his IMP; and

7.2C    Shall have visitation rights, but shall pay grounds fees for all except one stay of no            more than seven consecutive days for each year of IMP, which are not to be    accumulated if unused from one year to the next; and

7.2D    Shall receive the minutes of, at most, the semiannual meetings; and

7.2E     Shall maintain credit for any initiation fee paid to date.

7.3       There shall exist yearly dues for an IMP, whose receipt shall affirm the IM’s intentions and grants him/her the options contained in this section. Said dues rate shall be set yearly by the BOD and shall include but not be limited to the IM’s AANR membership dues.

7.4       Failure to receive yearly dues shall terminate or suspend said IMp in the usual manner applicable to delinquent accounts, return as a LMP or AMP within 5 years and 1 day shall result in an immediate termination of the IMP.

7.5       Termination or suspension by means not referred to on this section shall follow procedures applicable to those of LMP.









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