Section 09 – Fellow Membership (FMP)

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9.1       FMP shall be available to those who have been confirmed by the BOD into said membership provided the applicant lives and resides at least 75 miles (by air) from the Club site.

9.2       Upon confirmation by the BOD, the FM shall be accorded the rights, privileges, responsibilities and restrictions as further defined in this section and these by-laws.

9.2A    Fmp shall cover the applicant;

9.2B    A FM shall NOT have voting rights, property privileges nor hold elected office;

9.2C    He shall have visitation rights, but is required to pay grounds fees for each day on the grounds; and

9.2D    He shall register for each day he is on the grounds.

9.3       No sooner than sixty (60) days before and not later than thirty (30) days after each of the anniversary dates, the BOD shall vote to reconfirm said FMP in the same manner as the original confirmation. Should the FM NOT obtain five (5) affirmative votes for his confirmation by the BOD, said FM shall lose all rights and privileges and no longer be considered a member of the Club.

9.4       All members who have been an Associate member (under the previous by-laws) shall now be considered a FM.

9.5       Fmp shall not apply towards a probationary period nor accrue seniority.

9.6       The BOD reserves the right to reconfirm a FMP at any time.

9.7       The FMP shall retain all rights and privileges, responsibilities and restrictions until such time that he is NOT reconfirmed by the BOD as defined in this section.

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