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  1. Smoking is not allowed inside of the clubhouse (Apr.2014 Semi-annual) , on the clubhouse front porch (9-2016 Semi) Taj-Mahal (April 1995 BOD), Club Office (9-17-2006 semi-annual), or Cabins (4-15-2007 semi-annual). This includes cigarettes, E-cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco. (Apr.2014 semi-annual)
  2. Smoking is not allowed during food preparation for club sponsored functions. Aprons must be worn to cover the lower half of the body/pubic area. (9-17-2006 Semi-Annual() (Revised Apr.2014 semi-annual)
  3. Persons caught smoking in the clubhouse or on the clubhouse front porch will be assessed a fine by the BOD/Membership. (The amount of the fine to be assessed = $100.00) (April-2014 semi-annual) (9-2016 Semi)
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Forty Acre Club

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Feel The Freedom of American Nudism


The Forty Acre Club, nicknamed “America’s Gateway Family Nudist Club” for its proximity to the famous Gateway Arch, is a friendly club for couples and families located on 80 acres of Missouri woodlands approximately 45 miles southwest of St. Louis