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  1. Establishment of primary residency on the grounds of the Forty Acre Club shall be made by application of an existing life member in good standing over the age of 18 holding a permanent lot to the BOD with the approval of a minimum of (5) BOD members.  Sept 2004 Any additional members/persons residing in established household/residency full time must be members of FAC in good standing and over the age of 18.Motion Approved 6-19-2011
  1. In order for a member to establish primary residency on FAC grounds the following minimum requirements shall be satisfied.
  2. a) A prospective resident shall inform the BOD in writing of the Life Member(s) intention to establish Full-Time residence at the FAC.
  3. b) The BOD must approve the placement of a new permanent single dwelling unit on the FAC grounds along with the required septic system. If a new residence is established the Life member (s) shall submit a scaled drawing of the Life member’s lot detailing the following (a) placement of the proposed residence on the Life member’s lot and footprint (b) placement of the septic system (c) connection point and path of the water supply. Electric service entrance panel located in points of connection with the water utility, the type of connection either overhead or via conduit, must be indicated. If conduit is chosen, the path of the utility connection point must be provided. Any trees, hedges or bushes needed to be removed should be indicated in advance. All required building permits to complete the dwelling unit and renovation or additions shall be obtained before construction may begin. The dwelling unit shall be connected to the current FAC water system. Drilling a new residential well to support the dwelling shall not be permitted. The dwelling unit electric system shall be in compliance with the current Franklin County electric code. All FAC ground adjacent to Life members’ lots, excluding grounds assigned to neighboring Life members shall be considered common ground for the purpose of evaluating utility and septic system placement. Any disruption of a neighboring Life member’s lot shall be repaired after installation has been completed. A dwelling unit’s septic system shall not be placed as to restrict further development of any neighboring Life member lot, nor may new septic systems infringe on any septic system already in use.
  4. c) The BOD must approve and physically inspect an existing permanent residence along with a DNR approved septic system. If an existing residence is to be considered, the BOD must ensure there is proper and legal utilities (electric, water, sewer) are available to the dwelling unit and that the members can live independent of club amenities except the laundry. These requirements must be satisfied before primary residency is started at the dwelling unit.  2012 BOD Revised Sept 2013 Semi-annual
  5. d) All memberships that are using club property as their primary residence will be charged an extended use fee of $1000.00 on September 1 each year of which will be due and payable on October 1.

The extended use fee will be waived if prior to November 1 of assessed year, the membership demonstrates to at least five board members that their dwelling has the following improvements which will allow them not to rely on club facilities: 

  • Water heating capability
  • Shower / bath tub facilities
  • Toilet/sewer
  • Range/Stove
  • Heat

4-19-2015 Semi-Annual, By Law 19.4 change approved by membership vote 8-16-2015

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