XII Miscellaneous Policies

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  1. Members eligible to vote. By-Law #51.2 Life members in good standing.  Members or members having been voted into life membership after the mailing of ballots and before counting of same shall be allowed to vote in election.  July 1995 BOD
  1. A processing fee will be added to credit card or debit card payments made for all fees paid to the club. The amount of the processing fee to be based on the current fees that are charged to the club by banks or credit card companies.  9/16/2012 BOD
  1. Each non-member, prospective member and all existing members shall agree to have background checks performed by the club. This is a precautionary measure to insure the well-being of all members. If there are issues found on any background check it will be given to the BOD for review.  9-17-2006 BOD  Revised 4-15-2018 BOD
  1. Leased lots are not available to Fellow members. 3-21-2004 BOD    By-Law definition
  2. Board of Directors Policy regarding address and phone numbers: It is the policy of             the BOD that Forty Acre Club utilizes ONLY the name, mailing address and business phone numbers of the Club in all solicitations, advertisements, letters of information, invitations, brochures, and other documents directed towards non-members of the Club.  This policy is not intended to restrict the use of a specific officer’s (or member’s) name, address, or phone number in correspondence directed toward a specific person or organization, provided that the context of the correspondence makes it clear that the address or phone number is given is that of the officer or member and not that of the Club.  July 1996 BOD
  1. Any Life Member owning improvements on a Life Lot may not apply for Inactive Membership until the improvements are sold.  By-Law page 10 7.1interpretation 3-21-10 BOD
  1. Printed replacement copies of the By-Laws are $2.50 each. 3-21-04 BOD
  1. Theft from the Club or another person will not be tolerated. Any member, non-member, or trespasser caught and proven guilty of any theft on the Club grounds will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  In which case, the person(s) will be terminated according to the by-laws.  Any such member(s) and household will forfeit all rights, and will be considered a trespasser for any violation, and will be treated as such.  Members with a life lot including permanent residence, or leased campsite will be charged a fee of $500.00 per month for water, trash removal, and road upkeep until such member(s) relocate after a lawful eviction for failure to pay this fee.  No member(s) will remain a resident or leasee of the Club regardless and will be required to leave and relocate in a timely manner.  The Club reserves the right to discontinue service it provides such as water and/or electricity to a lot in the case of theft, as part of the process mentioned in the above paragraph.  For verification purposes, theft of property from a person or the Club will include, but is not limited to:  Money, Personal Belongings, Food, Electricity, Propane Gas, Tools, Gasoline, Electric or Gasoline Powered Equipment, Etc., taken without the consent of the owner.  Any and all attorney fees and court cost from the process will be paid for by the person found guilty of theft.  Upon abandonment or eviction, the lot and improvements become the property of the Club.  Semi 4-18-2010)
  2. Issues (i.e. letters to the BOD or complaint forms) are to be brought to the BOD within 30 days of occurrence. Complaint forms are to be collected weekly by the secretary or his designee. Complaints are to be logged, and the originator given an acknowledgement of receipt of their complaint.  All board members to be provided copies of the complaints no later than the Friday before the monthly BOD meeting.  All complaints requiring resolution by a closed BOD meeting be handled according to By-Law 31, which requires board members be given notice 10 days in advance of said meeting.  Upon resolution of the complaint, the originator of the complaint is given notice of the resolution of the complaint and the board’s rationale.  Complaint statistics to be published in the minutes.  Any resolution which requires certified mailing of notices to members to be performed by the secretary in accordance with the By-Laws, within 7 days of the meeting, and all board members provided notice of said actions. (Motion passed 5/2011 BOD) (Revised Sept semi-annual)     Complaint of non-sexual nature must be discussed with the other party prior to any complaint being written, if the problem cannot be resolved, then in the complaint the time of said discussion and all details should be included. (added 9/2016 Semi)
    1. Rescinded: On an annual basis the pool shall not stay open past the weekend following September 15th without an affirmative vote by 75% of the Board of Directors date. 4-15-2018 BOD Rescinded Semi Annual 9-15-2019


    1. That any member who would like their minutes by mail should be able to have them sent by mail without cost. 9-15-2019 Semi Annual

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